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“Maldives is ONLY for Honeymooners” - FALSE | Splash Maldives

“Maldives is ONLY for Honeymooners” – FALSE

16 June 2017,   By ,   0 Comments

Why Maldives? Shouldn’t that be kept as a choice for Honeymoon?

For all those who have stereotyped Maldives as “JUST A HONEYMOON DESTINATION” you are only seeing one side of the cube. Flip it around and you’ll be surprised.

Maldives is indeed a paradise of its own kind. Why should it be limited to honeymooners? Why not for corporates seeking an yearly break. Why not a choice for a beach holiday for families? Why not a fun-holiday destination with friends?

The answer lies in the destination itself which has more to offer than you think. Besides being a romantic getaway, Maldives can also be the perfect choice for a break-away from the daily hustle.

Land on a tropical island where the air is as pure as it can get. All you’ll be surrounded here with is the breeze of serenity amidst harmonious waves. Feel the press of your feet on white sandy beaches as the sun sets by your eyes.

You could choose to just lie down and stare at the deep blue horizon merging with the sky or participate in activities to keep your spirits up high. Both the options are filled with unlimited choice.

For the laid-back holiday seekers, each island offers more than one beach where you could unwind. Yet, if you are seeking for more variety, you could try visiting neighborhood local islands every alternative day. Why just neighborhood though? You may choose to visit any island you wish to. There are over 1200 uninhabited islands to select from. Sure you wouldn’t run out of choice!

For those who aspire fun and adventure, there are plenty of things to do in Maldives. From participating in adventurous and fun filled water-sports to exploring what lies beneath the water in tanks will surely leave you mesmerized.

The abundance of marine diversity in Maldives is well versed across the globe with claims of Maldives being the number one choice for Scuba Diving. If Scuba Diving is un-ticked on your wish list, the best opportunity to strike it off is when you are in Maldives.

Considering all of the above, we decided to pick up the hailer to declare Maldives for all.

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